The Defy Expectations Coaching team are both experienced business people and experienced coaches.  Our objective is to use that experience to help our coaching clients and the companies they work for succeed in their business aims. We are focused on successful outcomes for business.

Our Team

We started Defy Expectations Coaching because we believe great companies need great leadership at all levels if they are going to succeed.  We have been leaders ourselves.  Over decades we have worked in global companies and watched the landscape change, the balance of information shift and the complexity of the customer lifecycle increase. Through coaching we will help you drive sustainable competitive advantage and deliver value to your stakeholders.

Our Coaches

Defy Expectations Coaches believe that to support our customers we need to have both great leadership experience and great coaching skills:

  • As business leaders we have run revenue generating, customer centric teams and businesses in a broad range of industries in over 100 countries.
  • As coaches, we draw on various disciplines from neuroscience, physiology, behavioural science and leadership theory to design coaching that embeds change and delivers results
Pat Chapman-Pincher, Senior Business Leader, strategist and futurist

Pat Chapman-Pincher


Pat has had a career in global leadership roles in large and small companies.  She has led through good times and bad and knows how to succeed in both. She has created and grown leading edge technology companies and for the last 10 years has been working as a coach to senior executives in major companies.  In that time she has helped many companies transform their leadership. To quote just one: "I come into every session with seemingly insoluble issues, and leave feeling ready to tackle the world, full of new ideas and opportunities. It has changed my life – and had a profound impact on the success of the organisations for which I work"

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Helen Honisett, MD & Founder

Helen Honisett


Helen has experience in global sales leadership roles in technology and education. As a coach her passion for ensuring everyone achieves their potential is what drives her.  She loves finding out what makes each person tick and working with her is always a revelation, both personally and professionally. As one of her clients once said "I never fully understood how my mindset was impacting my success.  Increasing my self-awareness and tweaking my behaviours significantly improved my performance and productivity at work"

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James Parsons, Executive Coach & Facilitator

James Parsons


James has a background in investment banking and is passionate about creating real shift in his clients’ lives. He works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, founders and third sector CEOs on performance and leadership issues. His breadth of experience and an approach that integrates heart, brain and body seems to resonate well with his clients. As one said recently, "James is at the forefront of techniques and principles that build self-aware, emotionally intelligent leaders. His insights into performance psychology and biofeedback are invaluable to me, and have accelerated my growth as a leader"

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