Paying the Price. 6 questions to ask yourself before you take the next promotion

#careers #promotion leadership Nov 30, 2021
Nohe Pereira on Unsplash

It’s interesting how we focus on moving ever upwards on the corporate ladder. We very often fail to stop to think whether this is something that we really want, and something for which we are prepared to pay the price.  And there is a price attached to that decision – there is to every decision. A price in terms of energy, of creativity, of time with family and friends, and sometimes of health.

So, I thought it might be useful to think of some questions to ask yourself as that next longed-for opportunity looms:

  1. What is it about this opportunity that I find attractive, beyond the fact that there is probably more money, possibly more status, and more perceived power?
  2. How well does the promotion resonate with your values or are you going to have to compromise on some of your beliefs?
  3. What impact will this have on your time, especially for family, friends, and fitness.?
  4. Have you discussed the impact with your partner if you have one? Does this require moving house or country? Have you discussed this with your children?
  5. How do you feel about your current job? Could you usefully spend another two or three years there if you had to?
  6. Is there another move, perhaps a sideways move, that could make life less complex or fill a gap in your CV?

If you have a positive answer to all these questions, go ahead with enthusiasm.  If the negatives outweigh the positives, then think again about paying the price.