Defy Expectations Coaching 360 feedback

“Truth is in the eye of the beholder”


There are some great on-line tools for analysing individuals.  Defy coaches are trained in, and use, the best of them. However, we believe that there is no substitute for talking to those people that you work with day to day to understand how they see you.  What is the value you bring to the organisation? What are the things that you should do more of?  What changes could you make to make a greater contribution?

  • The Defy 360 is a series of individual telephone interviews, lasting not more than 30 minutes, with your boss and with some of the people who work for and with you.
  • The output from them is synthesised and anonymised by the Defy Coach who does the interviews and fed back to the coachee as a confidential report for discussion.
  • While people are often nervous about 360s our experience is that the results are overwhelmingly positive.
  • We always focus on the good things that can be amplified for the benefit of the individual and the organisation.

What does it look like?

An example of real-life summary output that formed the basis of coaching (each item is dealt with in the main body of the report):

  • People like and admire you.
  • They see you as an important part of the future of the company.
  • A good general manager, strong across all disciplines.
  • A great team builder, particularly keen to develop senior women.
  • Relationship with peers is generally good but you are sometimes seen as too defensive of your own patch.
  • Potential de-railers:
    • Arrogance: You have a great grasp of detail, an ability to see the big picture, a frighteningly good memory and the ability to do maths faster than anyone else in the room. These are great qualities but need to be tempered with humility and a better understanding of your effect on others.
    • The “banter” culture you have developed with your team is seen as excluding some, particularly women. This is not difficult to fix but will need a change of team culture.
    • “Not a corporate man” – A criticism from a small number who feel you have fought your own corner too strongly (generally at their expense). You need to pick your battles more carefully.


If you are interested in the Defy 360 then please talk to your Coach.