You may have great people, but do they have the capabilities you need for the future?

Are you growing the talent that you will need or are you relying on recruiting from outside?

Are you only looking at the senior levels and ignoring the talent below?

We have a 4-step process to help you answer those questions:

  1. Start with your strategy. What people capabilities do you need to deliver it at all levels? We will work with you to define these.
  2. What talent do you have in the business? Defy has a simple assessment process to give you a clear view of your talent at all levels.
  3. What are the capability gaps? Can they be filled by developing your existing staff or do you need a plan to recruit external talent?  We will work with you to develop a plan.
  4. How do you put a process in place to train and coach your staff so that they are ready for the challenges ahead? Defy will work with you to train and coach your people.