Are you setting yourself up for success?

Do you want to learn how can you set yourself up for success?  

Come and learn from the experts at Defy Expectations.  Understand the latest tools and techniques Prepare for your next career step. Learn how to communicate to inspire change.

If yes, join us on 27th & 28th October in Oxford at the Voco Thames Hotel for a 2 day workshop that will empower you to become a resilient and effective manager.

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The last 18 months have been rough for a large majority of companies. The stress associated with all the Covid disruption coming at the same time as Brexit has tested the mettle of the most capable and resilient people.  Managers tend to be the engine room of most companies, vital to commercial success and running simultaneous processes and projects. This is hard enough in normal times but has been made doubly difficult by these unprecedented events.  We feel for you because we have been there. 

What will you get out of the workshop? 

  • Proven and simple tools and techniques to adopt to make you a more resilient and effective manager 
  • An action plan to overcome your top 2 challenges that you will implement the moment you get back to your role, supported by a 1-hour individual coaching session 1 month after the workshop 
  • A clear path to stop firefighting and move towards planned and predictable delivery 

What will you need to do? 

  • Tell us your top 2 challenges before you arrive 
  • Be open-minded and willing to learn 
  • Speak up and challenge 

How much will it cost 

  • Two-day pragmatic and practical workshop PLUS 1-hour individual coaching session - £995 + VAT 

Defy Expectations specialises in creating strong, resilient and empowered leaders and managers.  But we are aware that for many, there is little help to be the best you can be for you and your teams until you reach the top ranks of an organisation.  Not enough is done for the majority of managers. Not just enough to survive and get through but to thrive and grow in future too.

We are in the business of bringing our expertise into your world to help you be the best manager you can be, leading a team of happy, motivated and productive people that choose to give you more than they ever imagined they would. If you can get them doing that, the platform for your own career progression will be secured.   

We invite you to come and learn, alongside peers from other companies, how to become a resilient and highly effective manager.   We are running a 2-day workshop led by a team of senior and experienced managers/coaches. 

This workshop will be entirely about you and your reality – how you are showing up for work and life generally, physically, emotionally and professionally; how to recover and restore energy and personal effectiveness; how to address specific issues related to your company; how well your teams are responding to change and how you can support them to be brilliant every day.   

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