Lifestyle Assessment:

Performance Coaching from the inside-out


If you feel good, you think good. Defy Expectations has developed a performance coaching programme that complements our core executive coaching services.

Think of yourself as a human system that is going to get a tune-up to ensure you’re bringing your A-game to work as much as you can, feeling happier, acting with more energy and purpose and less constrained by emotional threats and fears. With Covid-19 the uncertainty that surrounds us all is making us more jumpy, unsure and fearful, which produces unhelpful physical and emotional responses that can prevent our best thinking. This is not the time to be thinking and making decisions sub-optimally.

Lifestyle Assessment Firstbeat

Firstbeat – producing a digital map of your life

Involves wearing biofeedback technology for 3 days and nights to get an in-depth picture real-time of the biological cost to the body of our working lifestyles. It translates heart data into personalised insights on stress, exercise and sleep.


Inner Balance – learning how to be brilliant every day.

Using an ear clip and app from Heartmath, we teach you how to spend more time in physically and emotionally coherent states for better performance and stress resilience. It works well when combined with Firstbeat to show improvement over time in vital markers for the heart, nervous and hormonal system health.

Lifestyle Assessment

What you’ll get:

  • 2 Firstbeat measurements, one at the beginning and one at the end of your coaching programme. Includes use of technology, all administration and creation of reports plus 121 feedback and coaching on your results
  • An Inner Balance HRV monitor and app, including coaching on how to use it to build coherence into your day
  • Broad lifestyle assessment using our own PERFORMS questionnaire (completed prior to programme)
  • Cost £950 per individual or £600 as part to our executive coaching programmes
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