Maintaining a Customer Focus

It’s very easy to claim that your customers are the lifeblood of your company.  After all, they pay everyone’s salary, don’t they?  When we start to work with a company, we begin with a very simple diary analysis of where executive time is spent.  What the analysis often reveals is how much time is spent internally and how little is customer facing.  The people who spend their days working with customers are generally quite junior.  If you have invested in hiring and retaining great customer facing people, then they will do a good job for your company, but over time the senior people become more and more removed from their customer needs.   

The internal becomes more important than the external, the customer is lost in strategic planning, organisational realignment, and pointless vanity projects.

Understanding where time is spent is the first step to changing from an internal focus to an external focus. We work with teams to create systems and processes that have the customer at their heart.  To create an organisation that does nothing except those things that have direct relevance to the customer in the short or long term. An organisation where leaders regularly spend time on the front-line, and that is neither “sales-led” nor “marketing-led” but “customer led”.  This takes time and is not easy, but we will help you build organisations that will survive in the 21st Century.

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