Helen Honisett, CEO & Founder
Helen Honisett, MD & Founder

Helen Honisett

CEO & Founder

What you get from Helen:

  • Delivering Sustainable Revenue
  • Senior Global Leadership
  • Internationalisation and New Market Creation
  • Experienced Sales Leader
  • Listed to start-up Experience

Helen is a seasoned and successful business leader with a rare blend of expertise in learning and advanced technology. Her specialism is in managing and growing businesses through change by leading sales organisations in a way that pivots the whole organisation around the customer.

Helen is the author of the book Defy Expectations, that looks at how leading with love, integrity and trust can build and bond teams much more effectively than traditional methods.  In fact, the methodology described in the book led to a 12% growth in sales revenue and a 2% decrease in overall cost when last implemented. Available for purchase at Amazon

Areas of Expertise:

  • GTM planning and execution, including channel and partner set-up management
  • Sales Performance & Excellence
  • Leadership Performance

For all of her career, she has studied how we learn as individuals and professionals, from early years through to adulthood. What motivates us to perform, to grow and reach our potential? How do we engage as individuals and as a team? Recently she has seen and experienced a growing need amongst corporates and SMEs to really understand what drives their employees to deliver their best and consequently meet and exceed business goals.

Her passion for ensuring everyone achieves their potential is what drives her.  She loves finding out what makes each person tick and working with her is always a revelation, both personally and professionally. As one of her clients once said "I never fully understood how my mindset was impacting my success.  Increasing my self-awareness and tweaking my behaviours significantly improved my performance and productivity at work. These are not topics you usually cover in mentoring or training - but they should be!"

As part of her work, she has focussed on two functions within an organisation; Sales and Organisational Excellence.  By building a motivated and highly functional sales team revenue and profit goals are hit and often exceeded.  By ensuring the organisation has the skills and techniques to manage and motivate through change the business can continue to evolve without the risk of disengaging the workforce.

Helen lives in Oxford with her 2 sons, Sam and Josh.  When not building train tracks or visiting Cotswold Wildlife Park, Helen enjoys spending her time practising yoga, running and travelling.

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