About Us

The Defy Expectations team are high performing business operators here to help our customers get the most from their people.  We have held senior roles in global companies and delivered successful change and sustainable growth.

We have sat in your chair and walked in your shoes

Our Mission

We started Defy Expectations as we want to help our customers grow sustainably, hit their business targets and get closer to their customers. We know how to do it.  Over the decades we have worked in global companies and watched the landscape change, the balance of information shift and the complexity of the customer lifecycle increase. We won't just tell you what you need to do; we will roll up our sleeves and help you do it!

We help our clients transform their business, driving sustainable growth, competitive advantage and most of all serve the needs of their stakeholders. 

Our Values


Delivering sustainable growth needs teams who have clarity of priorities and roles and have the courage to take effective decisions. We can help you gain perspective on the new business environment, supporting you to implement the necessary and sometimes challenging change that is right for your business and people


Business is struggling to deal with a constantly changing economic, political and social environment; most companies are struggling to find growth and disruption is happening.  Innovation is key to survival, but it has to be rooted in customer requirements, not innovation for innovation's sake


We passionately believe in what we do, and we will not change our message to please people, sometimes meaning that we have to tell you what you don't want to hear but it will always be based on solid research and our experience of running businesses


Honesty is an under-rated value.  If we think you could spend your money better elsewhere, we will tell you. We will grow your business with you not sell you services that don't deliver the impact you want and require

Our Team

Our practitioners are all seasoned business professionals with experience of running large teams and businesses across the globe.  You are getting support from experts who have been in your shoes and understand you and the challenges you face.

We are brave, innovative thinkers, capable of simplifying the complex.

The Defy Expectations team has broad experience in:

  • Running successful global businesses
  • Managing virtual and geographically spread teams (between us we have managed teams in 158 countries!)
  • Leading teams across industries including FMCG, Education, Technology, Finance, Telco, SME etc.
  • Understanding different cultures - not every technique will work in every market

We do what we say - if you want us to come in and run/work with your teams - just ask and we will!

Helen Honisett, MD & Founder

Helen Honisett

MD & Founder

Helen is a seasoned and successful business leader with a rare blend of expertise in learning and advanced technology. Her specialism is in managing and growing businesses through change by leading sales organisations in a way that pivots the whole organisation around the customer. For all of her c...

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Pat Chapman-Pincher, Senior Business Leader, strategist and futurist

Pat Chapman-Pincher

Senior Business Leader, Strategist and Futurist

Pat has spent more than 40 years in the global communications industry through good times and bad and knows how to succeed in both. She has been responsible for creating and growing companies in the internet, fixed and mobile telecoms sector ranging from start-ups to major multi-natio...

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Victoria Hampson, Senior Business Leader

Victoria Hampson

Senior Business Leader

Victoria Hampson has over 25 years of expertise gained from delivering growth and enabling talent within large organisations across multiple business sectors. Victoria has occupied senior sales leadership and enablement roles within global organisations such as GSK, Nike and Pearson, Latterly, spend...

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James Parsons, Executive Coach & Facilitator

James Parsons

Executive Coach & Facilitator

James has a background in investment banking and is passionate about creating real shift in his clients’ lives. He works with business leaders, entrepreneurs, founders and third sector CEOs on performance and leadership issues. His breadth of experience and exposure to people in differ...

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Join us, Associate

Join us


We are always looking for like-minded, ambitious and talented associates to come and join the team at Defy Expectations.  If you want to make a difference to customers, have a passion for sales and helping people meet their potential please drop us an email or give us a call.

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