Pat Chapman-Pincher, Senior Business Leader, strategist and futurist
Pat Chapman-Pincher, Senior Business Leader, strategist and futurist

Pat Chapman-Pincher


What you get from Pat:

  • Driving Growth
  • Senior Global Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Experienced C-suite mentor
  • Listed to start-up Board Experience

Pat has spent more than 40 years in the global communications industry through good times and bad and knows how to succeed in both. She has been responsible for creating and growing companies in the internet, fixed and mobile telecoms sector ranging from start-ups to major multi-nationals. Pat's passions are helping leaders at all levels to reach their full potential and to help companies succeed in a world where technology is transforming the way we do business.  Pat is a qualified coach, she works with Boards to improve their performance and gets a great deal of enjoyment from her NED roles in innovative growth companies.

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What will you gain from your Business Mentoring investment in working with Pat?

  • A sounding board for all your plans and concerns who is independent, experienced in all aspects of business and business mentoring, takes a holistic approach to your business and personal ambitions, and is there to help you succeed.
  • A Mentor who will help you accelerate your development and will help you face some of the hard but necessary changes to your leadership approach.
  • A partnership with someone who will hold you to account for delivering on the changes you need to make.

What Pat’s clients’ have said:

  • Having a mentor who is an experienced practitioner was an unexpected relief. You can speak about real problems, no matter how minor or detailed they appear to be – and find not only that they are treated seriously and respectfully - but are commonly faced by others too.


  • The extended interview based 360 was excellent.  I learnt three areas of my performance that others rated highly, but I was unaware of.  I also learnt three areas of my performance to never repeat ever again.


  • My time with my mentor helped me make the transition from Business Unit head to Group Executive Committee. I doubt that this would have been so successful without this.


  • Your comments and guidance helped frame some of the changes we had to make in the business. It was invaluable to receive an outside, supportive perspective to drive change.


  • Can I thank you for all the support and guidance during our sessions. Our time together has given me a clear route plan both professionally and personally and although deep down I believe I had an idea of what I should do, with you it is now very clear.


  • An invaluable experience creating diversity in thinking and mind set, positive challenge and reflection, alternative perspective and a strong sounding board.  Above all, finding chemistry and trust with an amazing mentor passionate to create the right environment with open and frank conversation enables accelerated learning and development.  

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