Leadership Development Programme 

Our leadership development programme is designed to support you to excel across 6 key areas of leadership focus:

  1. Transformational Leadership
  2. Risk Management
  3. Creating a culture of openness
  4. Maintaining a customer focus
  5. Optimising productivity
  6. Managing Well-Being

Organisations that drive excellence in these areas thrive, deliver value and support and develop their people.  We map our assessment to your company vision, strategy, and key objectives.  This allows us to tailor leadership coaching and training to your business, your customers and the needs of your people.

Stage 1: Fit To Lead

We start by helping leaders think about themselves:

We use our “Fit To Lead” Programme to ensure leaders bring their A-game to work every day.  Using the programme, they will feel happier, act with more energy and purpose and be less constrained by emotional threats and fears. Option to use feedback from First Beat and HeartMath technology.

Using the Defy Expectations toolset we teach leaders to improve their personal efficiency and productivity, identify key areas of focus using our customised assessment and creating tailored team or individual coaching.

Outcomes from this step

  • Report and results from our leadership assessment that will give us the data to create a tailored "troaching" programme for you
  • Understanding of your physical systems can resist change even when "intellectually" it makes sense, and how to release the handbrake to allow change to happen
  • How to balance functional, emotional and cognitive intelligence to optimise performance
  • How to make tweaks to your everyday life so you show up for work feeling younger, happier, with more energy and working smarter 

Stage 2: Align and Define

Tailored coaching starts with regular fortnightly sessions that dive deep into all development areas.  During these sessions we learn how to:

  • Build trust with key individuals and team members
  • Understand each other's strengths and how to leverage them, understand stressors and how best to communicate with each other
  • Develop shared Purpose and create unity to drive performance improvements
  • Create a culture of Constructive Conflict to allow teams to challenge and craft solutions in a way that embraces the change required
  • Define how to work together in the future. Create individual and team Operating Manuals to hold each other to account.

Outcomes from this step

  • Co-create a development plan that will continue to support you during and beyond the coaching sessions
  • Become a stronger and more effective leader
  • Learn how to co-create a shared purpose for your people
  • Learn how to build self-awareness and awareness of others
  • How to build and maintain trust and understand why this matters
  • Consciously and openly recognise problems and discuss them with your people
  • How to agree on team and individual behaviours and implement a team operating manual
  • Learn how to communicate with focus and impact on inspiring others to action

Stage 3: Optimise and Deliver

These shorter sessions are designed to keep you on track and to build the habit of development.  We focus on:

  • Get the right stuff done and create accountability
  • Model best practice leadership behaviours
  • Remove silos and resolve unproductive behaviours
  • Drive agreed behaviours through teams
  • Communicate to inspire others to action.

Outcomes from this step

You will understand how:

  • To drive increases in your own effectiveness and that of your team, optimising productivity and adopting best practice performance habits
  • To drive agreed behaviours through your teams and hold others to account
  • To root out any unproductive behaviours and situations and resolve these effectively
  • To share learnings to reinforce best and agreed behaviours, and to hold yourself and others to account for behaviours and objectives
  • To deliver against your agreed plan and continue towards becoming the leader you want to be.
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