Managing Well-Being

You get in the car to go to work, turn on the engine, and think “that’s a rather strange noise”. Depending on the level of the noise you’ll do one of two things – get help at once or maybe drive for a while and see if it gets worse – if it does, you’ll get help.

But when day after day you get up in the morning and the world just feels grey and you have no motivation, then mostly you just carry on with going to work. But you won’t be working at your best.  One of the good things that have come out of the pandemic is a much wider realisation of how important mental and physical health in the workplace is and how important it is to individual performance.  If you feel good, then you will perform well.  You will also be very much happier.

To help our clients perform at their best we have developed a programme that complements all our other coaching services. It acts as a system tune-up to ensure you’re bringing your A-game to work, feeling happier, acting with more energy and purpose and less constrained by emotional threats and fears. Unlike many other wellness programmes, it is data driven.  We use technology from Firstbeat to produce a digital map of your life.  This involves wearing biofeedback technology for 3 days and nights to get an in-depth picture in real-time of the biological cost to the body of your lifestyle. It translates heart data into personalised insights on stress, exercise, and sleep. We combine this with technology from Heartmath where we use an ear clip and app to teach you how to spend more time in physically and emotionally coherent states for better performance and stress resilience. Combining the two shows improvement over time in vital markers for the heart, nervous and hormonal system health.

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