How do you create an outstanding sales team?

How do you build global teams with a common culture?

How do you build trust across the organisation?

Defy Expectations has the skill set and experience to help you develop answers to those questions.  Our primary focus is on helping you deliver outstanding levels of commercial and sales excellence. We will work with you to develop robust go-to-market strategies, and we will train your teams across the company to deliver value and impact.

Defy Expectations consultants have worked with global and local companies across a broad range of industries and countries.

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What We Are Famous For

Customer Excellence

Are you easy to buy from and will your customer continuously return and refer you? Are you truly a customer centric organisation with a culture that has the mindset, capabilities and processes to bring your customers voice alive within the whole organisation?  Customer Excellence is about turning your users into your strongest sales force and creating an organisation that will take the risk to innovate, empower and collaborate for the best of possible end-to-end experience.

Sales Excellence

Your sales team knows more about your customer than anyone else in the business.  Sales Excellence is about much more than just having great sales techniques and expertise in your organisation, although having strong sales capabilities and leadership is a must to drive sustainable growth.  It is about giving your customer a voice, through your sales teams, that is felt across the entirety of your business, impacting how you interact with your customers, the products and services you build and the behaviours that your people exhibit before, during and after every customer interaction.

Empowered, Enabled & United Teams

Most businesses are not good at looking after their people and teams. Getting and demonstrating this right is an essential capability. Lack of understanding and ambiguity around roles and accountabilities means that often most people are trying to do their best by getting everything done rather than focusing on the things that need to get done.  Strong teams know what each other will do at what time. They trust each other to deliver and have clarity of actions and impact.  The best teams are empowered to problem solve and learn from each other. Making culture and behaviours as important as process and skills.

Commercial Excellence

Achieving Commercial Excellence is a challenge and one often overlooked as it requires knowing your markets and customers inside out and continuously testing every assumption you make. It is also critical that you deeply understand your partners and suppliers strategies and strengths. The way you plan and engage with your market is as important as the quality of your product and its experience.  Implementing and maintaining a robust Go-To-Market plan that delivers value and impact globally is an art and a science that gives you the right to survive and thrive.