Defy Expectations creates and develops Great Leaders


And Great Leaders get the right people, in the right places, doing the right things, at the right time

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What we do


Creating leaders that build and operate successful and sustainable businesses

  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Benchmark your leadership capabilities
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Business Mentoring

Success Amplified.  Personal access on a regular basis to a senior business leader who understands first-hand what you are going through and can bring their experience to help you be a better leader. All for just £1000/m +VAT

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Leadership Defined

Understand your leadership capabilities with our diagnostic designed to measure your leadership skills, behaviours, competencies and mindset. Giving you the insight and understanding to create a clear plan of where to focus your development plan.

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Great Leaders need these skills


Leadership Defined - How do you know you are a great leader?

Find out your leadership strengths and develop a step-by-step plan to become the leader you have always wanted to be.

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Defy Expectations knows great leadership because we are
Great Leaders.

We work with companies that have the vision and the courage to reinvent themselves for today’s world.

They are the ones who will survive and thrive in the future.

Why we are different

  • We are all experienced senior leaders, realists and hard challengers of woolly thinking
  • Straight-talking, innovative thinkers, we simplify the complex
  • We know how the external world and existential risks impact your business
  • We are data-driven and insight-led, focusing on outcomes to drive the bottom line and change behaviours for real impact
  • We dive deep into your ambitions and challenges in creating customised solutions
  • We work with high integrity and respect to help you survive and thrive

The value we bring

  • Transformational Change Management & Organisation Design - getting the right people in the right places
  • Culture Creation and Implementation - the right people acting in the right ways
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation - the right people doing the right things at the right time
  • Innovation & Strategic Risk Planning - helping you thrive, not just survive
  • Leadership Development Programmes - embedding great leadership at all levels of the organisation

How we do it

  • Organisations with winning capabilities have an edge and this drives our work
  • Our approach builds Leadership Capability at all levels of your business to plan and profit from the future
  • We benchmark by identifying areas of opportunity using our own diagnostic tools
  • Our unique suite of solutions helps you address key leadership and management competencies
  • We use a combination of one-to-one, team coaching, consulting and training at all levels in the organisation to build capability and capacity
  • We create playbooks to document and embed great practice, make learning stick and deliver measurable impact

Our Leadership Team

Helen Honisett

"Leadership's important because it's a responsibility to use your skills wisely. With power comes responsibility and this is something that I hold dear because leaders can ruin lives or they make lives."

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Pat Chapman Pincher

"Great leadership is the difference between success and failure in business. Leadership is a learned skill. So ensure that you learn from the best teachers who have sat in your chair." 


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Vicky Hampson

“Great leadership is knowing how to get out of your own way and clear the path so that effective decisions and real impact can be made. Great leaders create the time and space to make this happen.”

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Chris Farnath

“In simple terms, Leadership is the discipline to impact outcomes by enabling collaboration within your team, department or organisation.  Great leadership is the creativity, resourcefulness, and mindset to succeed in adversity.”

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