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Welcome, I am Helen Honisett the CEO and Founder of Defy Expectations. Leadership is my passion because I have experienced what bad leadership can do to my life and those around me. No leader starts out with the intention of being a negative impact on those around them, but sadly the support and training are often not there to help you learn the skills, behaviours, mindsets and capabilities you need to get the best out of yourself and those around you.
We have pooled the combined 130+ years of leadership experience within our team at Defy Expectations to create leadership coaching, mentoring and an online course that will teach you how to be a great leader. Learn the tips and tricks that make you a master communicator and allow you to effectively lead transformation and innovation with fulfilled, engaged and motivated people.

Leadership is all about the hard stuff!

Looked at from below senior leadership can seem easy. Unlike those toiling at the coalface, you have the power, you have the resources, and you have support. There are days like that when everything falls into place and decision-making is easy. But those days are not that common. Mostly it’s a struggle to get things done. And oddly enough that is as it should be. LEARN MORE


You Can Become a Great Leader

Who’s next? The Art and Science of succession planning

Succession planning is one of those management rituals that most people do and very few do well. There is the standard annual tick box exercise where every job has two or three people who will be suitable in 1, 2, or 3 years given “development”, usually unspecified. There is also the identification of the mysterious “HiPos”, people whose expectations of future glory are raised, all too often to become dissatisfied as the promised future fails to materialize. LEARN MORE


What is Defy Business Mentoring?

All Defy Business mentors are experienced senior businesspeople who have founded, run, bought, and sold companies large and small, local and global. We bring this experience to you. We are objective, focused on success, and ruthless where necessary and we are there for you.

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