Being a leader is a tough job, it comes with stress, pressure and quite often sacrifice. However, this doesn't need to be the case. Learn how to lead effortlessly, in just 3 months & 5 mins a day, with training and coaching from Leadership Mastered.


Did you know that ione study of 7,272 U.S. adults, Gallup found that 50% of employees left their job "to get away from their manager"

Don't be that leader!

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I'm Helen Honisett

Leadership is my passion because I have experienced what bad leadership can do to my life and those around me. No leader starts out with the intention of being a negative impact on those around them, but sadly the support and training are often not there to help you learn the skills, behaviours, mindsets and capabilities you need to get the best out of yourself and those around you.

We have pooled the combined 130 years of leadership experience that we have at Defy Expectations to create a course that will teach you how to be a great leader. Learn the tips and tricks that make you a master communicator and allow you to effectively lead transformation and innovation with fulfilled, engaged and motivated people.

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You Can Become a Great Leader

Build valuable knowledge and learn skill applications to get the right people in the right places, doing the right things, at the right time - consistently:

  • Gain a validated accreditation in leadership
  • Give yourself time to do the big thinking, stepping back to be strategic and highly effective in your role
  • Improve your communication and impact by increasing awareness of yourself and others
  • Develop others in a way that drives towards your strategic goals
  • Reduce the stress levels of your team and yourself
  • Increase your productivity and improve your company culture

Empower yourself and those around you

Learn all this and more Defy Expectations course ‘Leadership Mastered’

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"I not only developed a stronger sense of self-awareness but also learned effective techniques to enhance my communication skills, improve time management, and navigate complex situations with confidence."

- VP Sales Germany

"Helen helped me gain clarity about my personal & professional aspirations & provided practical strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve my objectives."

- Senior Sales Leader, Chemicals Industry

"Her insightful questions and thought-provoking exercises encouraged me to explore new perspectives and uncover hidden strengths."

- Global VP - Telecoms

What's Included In Leadership Mastered...


Awareness Beats Everything

  • Understanding yourself and your goals - what is it you want? What is your plan to get there? What is holding you back?
  • Understand others and how to engage with them - What makes your people tick? How can you improve your listening?
  • Understand your role and how to thrive in it - what does it really mean to be a leader?

Becoming Great


  • Lead yourself - build the habits that will make you great and break the ones that hold you back
  • Lead others - bring people with you and create followers who share your vision
  • Own your role - learn how to focus your time and your team on the things that will make the biggest difference

Rise to New Heights

  • Master self - become the best leader you can be, creating a culture of innovation and trust
  • Deepen impact - support others as they learn to develop themselves to thrive
  • Master your role - create time and space for you to step back and be strategic
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