Tough Love Turnaround

How to support your team members to regain their passion, and perform beyond expectations 

As challenging as it may seem to turn an underperformer around, it is not a complicated process. However, it does require commitment and consistency from you as a manager and leader.

There is rarely only one reason for underperformance, and sometimes we cannot even classify it as underperformance, we just know that one of our team has lost passion and joy for the role they are being asked to perform. 

This is a simple plan to support you and your team to re-engage and start performing beyond expectations. It is broken down into seven areas.  Each of these areas is equally important. Commitment to each is critical for the success of this plan.

“Miracles don’t happen overnight, but you will be amazed by the progress that can be made in just 4 weeks with consistent incremental steps”

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