6 Skills for Leaders in the New Normal

Jan 12, 2022

The New Year is always a time for reflections and resolutions. 2022 gives us a great deal to reflect on, the last two years have been extraordinary, and while the pandemic is nowhere near over, we are beginning to see the what the future world of business might look like, what will enable companies to thrive, and what leadership skills we might need for that future.adrien-olichon-Ou2skZXuNIU-unsplash

I believe that there are six skills that companies should be looking for as they assess their existing leadership and search the market for talented people to join them.  I will write about them more individually in the coming weeks, but in summary they are:

  1. Transformational Leadership

Agility at all levels of the organisation, focusing on mindset, process and systems, to meet new, (and possibly unforeseen) challenges and opportunities.

  1. Managing  well-being

How do you set yourself and your team up for success and maintain resilience?

  1. Creating a Culture of Openness

One that makes all data available to all and creates a trusting culture that supports agility

  1. Maintaining a Customer Focus

The ability to look outwards not inwards and to focus the organisation on the customer

  1. Optimising Productivity

Having the right people in the right places doing the right things (and only the right things) at the right time.

  1. Risk Management

Managing the right risk at the right time by a combination of robust and timely analysis, planning, assessment, and a realistic understanding of possible futures.

 If you search, assess, develop, and train for these leadership skills at all levels then you will create an organisation that can meet what that the future may bring.