Suddenly the world changed

Feb 09, 2022

Yesterday Australia, which had one of the most draconian approaches to Covid, announced that its borders were open to anyone that had been vaccinated twice.  Other countries are following. The governments of the world seem to have decided that we are now living with Covid rather than sheltering from it.  Almost overnight the world has changed the rules and business needs to adapt to new circumstances.  Many businesses will not be able to go back to where they were. Hybrid working is here to stay, CFO’s have seen its contribution as they shed their expensive buildings; workers have seen the benefit of less commuting and being able to contribute to family life.  The old world has gone and it’s not coming back. There have been bits of pushback from leaders insisting that everything gets back to where it was before but mostly what I have been hearing from leaders is “we need to transform how we work, and we need to do it quickly”.  Transformation is a huge and exciting opportunity for business, but it starts with an understanding that transformation is not an instant process, that it takes time, energy, and it starts at the top. It’s also a process that needs thought and planning, but it also needs vision and leadership and an understanding that requirements of the new word - openness, agility, putting the welfare of people and the needs of customers at the centre of the organisation come at a price.  They mean dismantling the old hierarchies and ways of doing things, pushing information and decision making down to the lowest level, and seeing the world through your customer’s eyes.