Best Behaviours of High Performance

Nov 25, 2019

As a high performing driven sales leader, I have consistently delivered results and created impact with teams who have deep desires to win and be successful and who have done so with an understanding and respect of doing the right things right, consistently and collaboratively as winning teams. As a Sales Trainer and Performance Coach I can now share approaches to enable others to achieve similar results and impact.

What I’m going to provide are high level insights into what some of these behaviours are and how to embed them within teams. Doing the right things right and consistently demonstrating winning behaviours needs a great framework and methodology to help make it easy to adopt and repeat. It also requires leaders who demonstrate these behaviours actively and set the tone for others to aspire to.

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Having solid Sales processes, tried, tested and fit for purpose methodologies, playbooks, and the latest technology all sit in the bedrock of high performance. However, these elements alone does not build high performance behaviours and create winning teams. As a sales leader, knowing what to do with them for best outcomes and how to configure it all into a framework and tool kit for Sales Performance Coaching is essential. 

Often such skills are referred to as ‘soft skills’. These are not ‘soft’ in any way, there is nothing ‘soft’ about sales leaders who embed performance coaching mindsets, conversations, ways of working and cultures into their organisations. It is all about ways to generate sustainable optimal performances from teams by enabling, guiding, directing and continuously coaching performance to best levels with best behaviours to ultimately do the right things right consistently. 

Different to theories held in personal training where science has proven that we can breakdown muscle mass and rebuild it via resistance training, humans don’t respond best to a mental breaking down in terms of embedding winning behaviours. Sales leaders who demand teams leap higher, run faster and deliver more just because the organisation, investors or an exec. needs it does not work and is counter productive in the context of creating teams that are engaged motivated and resilient. We grow and develop our high performance muscle, best practices, mindsets and behaviours within our teams through effective performance coaching and the continuous reinforcement of such best behaviours being emulated by sales managers and leaders. 

Fundamentally, it is people who deliver results, outcomes and impact from processes methodology, tools playbooks and technology. As such sales leaders must hone skills and approaches to enabling teams in ways that take account of individuals and their preferences and motivations to succeed and win. 

As a High Performance Sales leader you must be able to:

  • Set a sharp focus on clear and crisp priorities

  • Provide continuous meaningful and relevant motivation and direction for your teams to stay on track and align to those priorities 

  • Provide tools and approaches to make for effortless activation and execution  

  • Have the ability to set a path and track growth and development   

In addition to these key capabilities, it’s not enough to make lists or just talk about about this, sales leaders must also bring it all to life via a working cadence, the right leadership mindset and Integrity that others want to emulate.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Integrity as: ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change’. 

When we consider this definition in the context of High Performance Sales teams It reinforces the importance of solid processes, repeatable methodologies, principles, practices and winning mindsets. It also provides an added dimension requiring demonstrable behaviours, ways of working and disciplines regarding the ‘moral’ aspect of this definition.

By building the capabilities of Performance Coaching, sales leaders are able to codify integrity and model the best of best behaviours consistently.

For more information on how to build the bedrock of winning sales teams with best capabilities and behaviours in your organisation and to discuss more on Sales Performance Coaching, contact me Vicky Hampson. 

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Photo credits : Jamie Street - Unsplash


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